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Origin Germany
Style Techno House
Label Elektrotribe l Tonkind l Debox
Performance DJ
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Bio :

Out of the Ruhr Valley appears this jack-of-all-trades who is restlessly working on the freshly blooming landscape of clubs in this area. Breger is a surprising DJ, daring to unexpectedly mix brute Techno with deeper and more minimalistic stuff.
Ever since he contributed his share as a resident DJ and promoter of the Beatplantation and Gold Club party series, which made these events two of the most established in the Ruhr Area club scene. Parallel, he started producing and developing his signature sound.(on Elektrotribe, Tonkind, Debox..)
During weekdays, he hides in his studio to come up with his own productions which tend to add context-based melodic elements to a solid groundwork of groove.

Discography :


Alex Tomb – The Gardens Of Babylon (Breger Remix) [Elektrotribe]
Breger – Feld und Wiese EP inkl. Alex Tomb Remix [Elektrotribe]
Moog Conspiracy – Dishy You (Breger Remix) [Elektrotribe]
Pete Nouveau – Nouvacaine (Breger Remix) [Elektrotribe]
Breger & Moog Conspiracy – Hinterhalt EP [Elektrotribe]
Breger – Doze it [Tao Dan Records]
Breger & Marcus Sur – Follow EP inkl. Edgar Peng Remix [Tonkind]
Breger – Hidden Dica [Tao Dan Records]
Benno Block & Derhardt – El Fuego (Breger Remix) [040 Recordings]
Breger – Mind Reverb EP [Elektrotribe]


Breger – Step by Step [Modem]
Breger & Andersch – Wuzu [Supercity]
Breger – Gestengestern [Supercity]
Breger – Minding (Andersch Remix) [Supercity]
Breger – Geraubte Jugend [Tech my House 2 / Elektrotribe]
Reflekt – Maske [Supercity]
Breger – Vertikal im Eimer [Elektrotribe]
Breger – Geraubte Jugend (Benno Block Remix) [Elektrotribe]
Breger – Il Pavone [Tech my House 3 / Elektrotribe]
Breger – Transmitted [V.A. Early Glow / Lebensfreude Records]
Breger – Deep Trainer [Eminor Rescue Mission]
Breger – Deine Therapie (Mathias Schaffhäuser Remix) [Re:3 / Ware Records]
Breger – Deine Therapie [V.A. / U-Ground Milano]


Breger & Moog Conspiracy – Screenshot EP [cd & digital / Elektrotribe]
Breger – EP [cd & digital / Elektrotribe]
Breger – Robot Charm [digital / Tonkind]
Breger – Grain Ball [vinyl & digital / Tonkind]
Breger – Signs of Taib [Schwarz Weiss Musik]
Breger – EP [Tracer Records]

Mixes :

Breger – Tauchgang (djmix)

Pictures :